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Hey friends! Grab a beer and let's get to know each other--

I see photography as my gift to share with people and I feel hashtag blessed to have it! This gift is made up of two things: being able to find the right moments and emotions that are worthy of being captured instead of just clicking the shutter every few seconds, and making people feel comfortable enough to allow me into the most private part of their lives; their relationships.

If you're looking for the same cookie cutter experience that every other couple on Facebook had for their wedding photos, I'm probably not the photographer for you. But if you're looking for an experience tailored to who you are, one that compliments your style, and to work with someone who fits your personality, then hit me up! I'm not here to give people the same posed photos that everyone else has. My gift lies in giving people the smaller moments that don't always get the focus they deserve but that have a big impact when shining in the spotlight. I'm here to offer you photos that are unique to your love and timeless enough to be hung on your wall.

I'm not here for the trends. I'm here to give you photos that are as everlasting as your love.


I can't wait to work with you.

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