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Come as you are...



If you guys have made it this far in your relationship, chances are you don't want a photographer who is going to try to interfere with your already dope #couplevibes. Crazy filters,  cheesy AF poses--like, c'mon! Can we retire those already? On your wedding day, all you should focus on  is how excited you are to be having this awesome party with literally every person that means the world to you as you vow to love the one person who thinks the sun shines out of your ass on a consistent enough basis to want to get hitched. So when it comes to finding a photographer you can trust to capture every special moment of this day, you need someone who will understand how you function as a couple and who will make sure that your personalities come through in every photo--Heeyyyy it me!!

I'll listen to your needs and opinions with an open mind, calm your nerves when those last minute hiccups in the schedule happen , make you laugh and relax with my dry humor (making people laugh is my favorite) , and take charge when I need to get everyone in line.

But mostly on YOUR wedding day, I'll step back and just let YOU DO YOU

(which has obviously been working for you this far).



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