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Hi there! I'm Olivia and I am a candid wedding and lifestyle photographer serving New Jersey, New York and beyond. I believe in capturing unposed moments of important life events in a documentary style in an effort to elicit honest, natural, and timeless images.  My aim is to tell a story with each of my photographs, one that tells of the love that the couple has for one another and their families and which also writes a true narrative of who the bride and groom are as individuals and as a couple.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me enjoying nights out with my husband, Paul, and our friends or spending time with our families. I'm the girl who loves to cook but hates food shopping, is always listening to music (and singing loudly in the kitchen!), and who's laugh is always loud and uninhibited. I will forever be a HUGE supporter of strong, goal-driven women and the spouses who support their dreams! (I'm lucky enough to have my own supportive husband by my side!) Comfortable is a fashion style and I rock it while drinking a beer and watching Netflix with my husband. Also if you ever can't find me, check HomeGoods.



And mostly, I just love LOVE. I'm not talking about Nicholas Sparks love. I'm talking real love. The kind of love where you can wake up with hair like Mufasa and a giant pimple and your husband will wrap you up in a big hug and still call you beautiful. The "I will always love you, but right now I hate you" love. The constantly teasing with one another love where no one takes it too seriously and it always ends with a sweet kiss. That's the kind of love that I love the most.


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Couple who choose to work with me appreciate unique but timeless designs, are totally laid-back about the whole wedding planning process, and at the end of the day, just want to kick off their shoes, grab a cocktail, and enjoy an amazing party with their family and friends! They aren't looking to settle for the usual cookie cutter wedding venue, but instead are falling in love with simpler spaces that offer unique twists on the typical idea of a wedding venue, like breweries, historical buildings, loft city spaces, or outdoor tents. My clients always choose one another over the stress that sometimes comes with wedding planning because they know that the most important part of their wedding day is vowing to love one another through whatever life throws at them. 




Maybe your love story is only a few years old or maybe, like my husband and I, you're getting married after being together for a decade or more. Regardless of the timing, your story deserves to be told in a beautifully honest way that truly represents your love for one another and I would love to be the person to tell it.


Why Wedding Photography?



I decided that wedding photography was the right path for me when I realized that it is the grandest form of gift-giving that I could offer to people. With each wedding that I photographed, I discovered that I could give my couples the gift of memories but in a tangible form that could be passed on in their families for generations and that would offer them the ability to go back in time to one of the most special days of their lives.

Wedding photography is a career that gives back to me as much as I give to my couples. Not only are the reviews and social media tags exciting, but finishing a wedding with a new friendship is the greatest reward of all and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have these new friendships last beyond the wedding date.