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Maybe your love story is only a few years old or maybe, like my husband and I, you're getting married after being together for a decade or more. Regardless of the timing, your story deserves to be told in a beautifully honest way that truly represents your love for one another and I would love to be the person to tell it.

After taking a look through my Weddings gallery, if you think that we would work perfectly together, then I would love to hear from you! 

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Want to know if we're a great fit for one another?

I love couples who appreciate unique but timeless designs, are totally laid-back about the whole wedding planning process, and who at the end of the day, just want to kick off their shoes, grab a cocktail, and enjoy an amazing party with their family and friends! They aren't looking to settle for the usual cookie cutter wedding venue, but instead are falling in love with simpler spaces that offer unique twists on the typical idea of a wedding venue, like breweries, historical buildings, loft city spaces, or outdoor tents. My clients always choose one another over the stress that sometimes comes with wedding planning because they know that the most important part of their wedding day is vowing to love one another through whatever life throws at them. 




  1. Cocktail of choice: Gin&Tonic or anything with cucumber. Beer is also always a good option.
  2. Biggie and Drake for the gym, Lana or Florence for work, Zac Brown Band for summer concerts, and show tunes for singing and dancing in the kitchen.
  3. I am dog OBSESSED. Like, 95% of the time if you catch me smiling at my phone, it's because I'm watching a video of dogs doing something amazing aka just laying there or walking. Because everything they do is amazing!
  4. I live in jeans. All jeans all day (unless I'm traveling. Then it's leggings because let's be real.) They are my favorite piece of clothing ever.
  5. Speaking of traveling, I love love love to travel! Someplace warm is usually preferable but Iceland is on my bucketlist!
  6. I have a pretty ridiculous fear of bugs. Anything creepy crawly with like a million legs, no thank you!  
  7. I paint my nails once a week as a way to relax and enjoy a little me time when things get busy.




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