When It's a Good Idea to Take Advice About Your Wedding and When to Just Say No!

It doesn't matter if you've just started your wedding planning or if you're getting closer to the finish line, people will always have something to say about how to plan your wedding. Sometimes the advice is warranted and comes from a good place but other times its completely unsolicited and makes you want to cover your ears and run! Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that will help you to decide which advice is worth taking and which advice isn't worth your time.

DO- listen to your family and friends about the seating arrangements at the reception. Almost every family has a little drama and sometimes people aren't talking to one another. It's sad to deal with but you want everyone to have a good time at your wedding regardless of their relationship with some of the other guests. So if your family or friends suggests where to place certain people, definitely take it into consideration. Your guests will be happier and more comfortable during your reception and you won't have to deal with anyone asking to switch tables right before your grand entrance.

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DON'T- take advice from anyone who tells you that you're picking the "wrong" month to get married. "Oh July is just way too hot out for a wedding!" "What's going to happen if it snows??" First off, if you're from the North East, believe me, your guests will survive because we've been through it all. You picked your wedding season based on your own reasons. Maybe you're a sun worshipper who loves the warm glow of a summer sunset or you love the cold and would be absolutely ecstatic if it snowed on your wedding day! Whatever the reason, you stick with it! The guests that want to be at your wedding will be there regardless of the season.

DO- take your friends' advice about their favorite wedding vendors. If you loved the way your friend's centerpieces came out, ask about her florist! Or if you just died over how delicious and beautiful their cake was, find out who was their baker. Your friends will be overjoyed that you found their wedding so memorable and inspiring, and you'll have the information of a reputable vendor who's work you've already seen first hand. It's a win-win!

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DON'T- (Double Don't!!) feel that you need to take into account other people's budgets. Guys, this is a huge one. Your friends may be planning their own weddings around the same time but their budgets will ultimately be different then your own. Focus on the amount that you feel comfortable spending and don't worry about who's dropping $6k on flowers or which couple decided to forgo Save The Dates to save a bit of cash. A wedding is an investment that you and your fiance need to consider like any other big purchase. Work within the budget that you both know will work for you. Your wedding will still turn out just as gorgeous and memorable as your friends' and you and your fiance will start your married lives knowing that you made the correct money decision that you can both live with.


DO- take into consideration the advice and opinions of your fiance. There's always this assumption that the wedding day is "all about the bride" but it's really about the two of you! It's about your future lives together and you should start that off by paying attention to what each other wants. If your husband to be says that his friend's wedding band was phenomenal but you thought you were going with a DJ, consider checking out the band or possibly compromising on another vendor so that you can both feel like you've helped to plan the perfect wedding day.



Happy Planning! xoxo Olivia