How to Get the Best "Morning of" Photos on your Wedding Day

You know how those "getting ready" photos of brides always look so soft, classic, and effortless? Well they don't just happen that way by chance! There's a lot of planning that goes into making those photos look beautiful without disturbing the excited energy of the morning. Follow these tips that I tell all of my clients about to make sure that your wedding morning is all smooth sailing!


1) Plan ahead and have all of your details ( shoes, invitations, jewelry, etc) together and ready for the photographer to photograph upon arrival. You don't want to have to keep getting up from the hair and makeup chair to find your shoes or earrings. Having everything in one box or all together on the kitchen table will make the morning easier for both you and your photographer.

2) Let there be (natural) light!  Unfortuntely putting the overhead light on in your bedroom is not enough for your photographer to work with, especially if you are looking for those light and airy style photos. Open the curtains and let the sun shine in or move to a room that has more light coming in! The more light your photographer has to work with, the more flawless your photos will come out. Your makeup artist will probably thank you, too!


3) Wait to be the last person to get ready with hair and makeup. This will give your bridesmaids and parents a chance to get dressed without feeling rushed before you'll need them to be in photos with you when you put on your gown. Plus if any mishaps happen, like getting deodorant on dresses or a belt buckle breaking, we'll have time to fix the issue without running short on time and having to then rush through the rest of your photos.

4) Keep the amount of people with you in the morning to a minimum. I know that everyone in your family wants to see you during every second of your wedding day and that's only because they care so much about you and are so excited! But if you want to remain cool, calm, and collected then less is always more. Bridesmaids, Mom, and maybe a close aunt or the flower girls but that's it.  We can take all the photos you want with everyone else during the reception but the morning of the wedding should be all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Your photos capture your emotions of the day and "stressed out" should not be the most evident. 


5) Don't be afraid to act excited!! Jump on the bed, pop open some champagne, dance around to Beyonce! The day you've been planning and waiting for is finally here and you have every right to show off how excited you are! Your bridal portraits will show how beautiful you looked on your wedding day but these fun and spontaneous photos will be the ones that will show how you FELT when you look back at them years later. 

Happy Planning Xoxo Olivia