3 Reasons Why I Might Be The Right Wedding Photographer for YOU

Planning a wedding is NOT an easy task-- trust me! I'm currently less than 2 months away from my own wedding and my brain is occupied with all of the details 90% of the time! There is just so much to plan and think about because, let's be real: weddings are expensive (!!) and you don't ever want to second guess anything about this special day!

What makes wedding planning stressful is that weddings are so PERSONAL! This day is all about you and your fiancé and it should reflect your style and personalities perfectly. That sounds like a lot to accomplish on your own, but that's where your vendors come in! These are the people that you end up making a connection with to ensure that your dream vision comes to life. If your connection is flimsy then you might end up missing the mark on what you set out to accomplish.

Having a great rapport with your photographer is INCREDIBLY important since you and your fiancé probably have never had professional photos taken. You need to be comfortable with this person who will be capturing every intimate detail of your wedding day, which is why the number one reason that I might be the right photographer for you is....


Not to sound like Darth Vader but seriously, if you decide that you are totally feeling my style, then I, PERSONALLY, will be your photographer. As a boutique wedding photographer, I run the whole show for my business. That means when you want to get together over a cup of coffee to go over wedding details and timelines, you'll be meeting up with me. Every email exchange that we make up to the week of your wedding will be with yours truly and when your Maid of Honor opens your door to let "the photographer" in on the morning of your big day... Ta-da! I will be the one standing there, ready to give you a big hug and gush over your bridal beauty!

Now if you know me at all or are starting to feel like you do from this post, then you will know that I love laughing and having fun with my clients and being totally GENUINE. I always want my couples to feel at ease throughout their wedding day and so the next reason that I might be the right photographer for you is...


This seems like a simple concept, right? Obviously the bride and groom want to enjoy their wedding day. Weddings are so unpredictable, though, that sometimes this just isn't the simple answer... but I am here to help tackle all of those issues that may come your way! Need someone to fluff the train of your dress before your photos? Got it! Can't remember which side the boutonniere goes on for the tuxedos? It's the left! Do you just need a little pep talk about how amazing the whole day is going to be from someone who isn't your mother? I'm right here! You and your fiance have spent countless months planning and budgeting for this one day....let someone else worry about getting your bridal party in line for photos. I'm not just your photographer on your wedding day. I'm one of your closest friends, someone you rely on to help the day go by smoothly. I'm the person you look for when some of your most memorable moments are happening during the evening. When my couples don't sweat the little things and just enjoy their evening, I'm right there to capture every sweet, blissful moment that they can look back on with only the best memories. 

And lastly, have you ever had that "ugh why did I ever wear/pose like that" feeling when you looked at some old photos? Maybe that was the style or the hot trend at the time but now you are so not feeling it? When I give my couples photos from their wedding day, I don't EVER want them to have that feeling towards their images in regards to how they were edited or certain poses they are in. Which is why I might be the right photographer for you if...


I love photographing weddings because of the natural emotions that the day brings. I don't want to mess with that magic! As a documentary style photographer, the greatest compliment I can receive is when someone says "We barely knew you were there!" Besides giving some light direction, I try to remain out of the spotlight because that is where YOU should be! By keeping "directing" to a minimum, I'm able to really observe the day as it unfolds and capture moments that might not be on your shot list but that you can't imagine not having! When you and your spouse look back on your wedding photos years later, you will know that they are aren't manipulated or faked. They are authentic, timeless, and REAL.

If these qualities are what you are looking for in a photographer, visit my contact page to start a conversation! I would love to hear from you!

Availability for select 2016 dates are still open and I am currently booking for 2017.