Fall&Family Photos

Fall is the perfect season for an outdoor family photo shoot. The changing leaves serve as a great color palate for coordinating outfits between family members and the golden hour sun gives everyone and everything a warm, soft glow that can be truly mesmerizing. While it sometimes may get a little chilly, it serves as the perfect opportunity to dress up in your favorite fall sweaters and boots and snuggle up next to the people who mean the most to you.

During family photo shoots such as the ones below, I try to observe and capture the real moments that weren't set up or posed, like when the kids run into the wooded area in Liberty State Park to play in the leaves, or when the father begins to tickle his kids while they sit on his lap. These are the moments that truly show what a family is and what family means to each other. My favorite anagram for the word family is Forget About Me, I Love You. That love is what I try to capture in each and every image.


Dedhia Family, Liberty State Park


Uribe Family


XoXo Olivia Christina