Up, Up, and Away!

Up, Up, and Away-- my first blog post! I'm excited to start blogging about the different photo shoots I do for my lovely clients, plus some personal shoots and adventures as I continue on this wonderful journey called life!

The title of this blog post not only signifies my journey into the blogging world, but it is also the theme of a beautiful little girl's 1st birthday party. Meet the Gabriele family:


I met the Gabriele family in Verona Park, NJ, for a family photo shoot to celebrate Vivienne Rose turning 1. It was a dreary, rainy Sunday morning and we started the day off by postponing the shoot until the afternoon with hopes that the rain would go away. After crossing a lot of fingers and begging the clouds to please disappear, the sun finally started to peak out and we were good to go!

The park was filled with people enjoying the final hours of sunshine and the warm 5 o'clock sunlight was perfectly highlighting the small garden that we decided would make a perfect spot for the photos.

The combination of the beautiful garden, the wonderfully sweet Gabriele family, and Vivienne Rose's big, happy smile made the Up, Up and Away shoot one of my favorite family photo shoots to date!


Stay tuned to see the Up, Up, and Away birthday party photos!

xoxo-Olivia Christina