Weekends are for brunch

Do you ever have those get togethers that you expect to be an hour long, maybe 2 hours tops, and then next thing you know, 5 hours have passed and you are STILL having the best time ever??

I just had one of those days and it was everything I needed. It all started at brunch (as most good weekends do) at Plum on Park, in Montclair, NJ. I met up with two of my best friends and even though we see each other often, we don't always get into really deep conversations because we are normally in large group settings. So to have a few hours alone with each other was such a treat! We talked about everything, from upcoming weddings, to the new sports teams we were a part of, to our jobs, and our families, and everything you could ever think of. There was mimosa-fueled laughter, reminiscing, and a few tears, but it was wonderfully therapeutic for everyone. 

Sometimes you think you lay all of your feelings out already but it takes special people to really pull out the deeper feelings that you keep in hidden. We spent a lot of time giving each other confidence and letting each other know that it's ok to be proud of yourself, or confused, or worried about the future! For now all we can do is fake it till we make it and keep chasing our dreams! We'll all get there eventually, with each other by our sides.

While my friends are beautiful women, they were a bit camera shy, so here are a few photos of where we went and an awesome tough-love inspirational quote book that has already given me so many new life mantras to follow!