Ashlee and Josh's Sunset Maternity Shoot

Josh and Ashlee were one of those couples that I could have spent hours with. They were a little camera shy at first (adorably so), but warmed up quickly as we strolled along the beach talking about their lives in the Air Force and their excitement about having a little girl soon.

We spent the evening down in Avon-by-the-Sea walking along the shoreline as families continued to play in the water well past 7pm and fishermen drew in their final casts for the evening. Ashlee and Josh told me about how they met on their last Air Force base out in Wyoming and what life has been like since getting married almost 2 years ago. Coming from opposite coasts and having self-described opposite personalities, they've been enjoying learning new things together every day and have dreams of reaching all of their goals both in the military and afterward, including making rank and traveling overseas as a family. One thing they both agree on is that they plan to totally spoil their little girl and can't wait to meet her in just 4 more short months!