Gender Reveal // Asbury Park, New Jersey

This was my first gender reveal and let me tell you, I was NERVOUS! Not because of the shoot itself, but because Jaya and Shamir were counting on ME to read the results of their gender test and hand them the right colored powder for them to throw into the air.

Guys....I seriously read that result paper probably 7 times over before I was able to convince myself that I wasn't about to pull a Steve Harvey! There was no going back.... 

It turned out to be one of my absolute FAVORITE shoots! The color reveal was awesome but seeing the excitement on Jaya and Shamir's faces when they opened their eyes to clouds of blue powder above them was almost more then I can put into words. What a special moment for the soon-to-be parents to experience and I couldn't believe that I was there to capture it. Pretty sure I was crying behind my lens haha!

Thank you so much Jaya and Shamir for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible moment in your lives!!