Belmar Beach // Family + Engagement Session

This family session came about because of a request from a fellow creative, Dawn, of Modern Heirloom Books. She was working on creating an heirloom book specifically for parents to give to their daughter on her wedding day that's filled with curated childhood stories, words of wisdom, and touching memories. Parts of the book would be filled with photos from their daughter's childhood but Dawn also wanted to incorporate some newer photos, which is where I came in!

Because the book was a secret, I worked with the mother of the bride to come up with a plan to pretend that the photo session was a gifted engagement session for her daughter Lauren and her fiancé Matt, but with some family photos peppered in as well. I'm not gonna lie--it got a little difficult at times to keep the lie going! I knew I had to take pictures with Lauren and her parents for the book but I was "supposed to be there to take engagement photos"! Oh and Lauren and Matt's daughter was also stealing the show the whole time haha! In the end though, I was able to work things out in order to get a great amount of family photos and engagement photos to make everyone happy and the morning a success!

I think some of my favorite photos were of the 3 generations of girls in the family, with Lauren, her mother, and her daughter all close together. But some of the ones of Lauren's father with his granddaughter were also really sweet! And so were the ones of Lauren with her older brother. And of course the ones with Lauren and Matt solo and also with their daughter. Ok so basically every situation was beautiful and heartwarming! Dawn gave me a sneak peek of the finished book before it went out for publishing and I was crying while looking over all of the memories. I'm so happy to know that my photos are a part of something so memorable for this family!