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Hey guys--I’m Olivia. Sit tight, grab a beer, and let’s get to know each other! 

Down in the Caribbean Islands (one of my fav vacation spots), they live by the phrase "Positive is how I live" and I try to stick with that way of thinking in both my life and my career as a wedding photographer.

When it comes to weddings, I am 100% a positive thinker.

"If there was a problem, yo I'll solve it." - Vanilla Ice

There's no obstacle on your day that we can't figure out or make work in our favor and I truly, truly believe that. And no, you aren't "awkward in front of the camera", either! You might just need a little encouragement and I am all about making my couples not only look good in their photos but also FEEL GOOD while taking them!

I'm a roll-with-the-punches, glass-all-the-way-full kinda girl and if I can keep you feeling calm, positive, and focused only on your excitement of your wedding day, then half of my job is already done!


Big, loud family? Cool. I can handle all their nerves, keeping them hyped for the day by involving them in the process and shooting fast enough to get them to the open bar! I shoot for the smaller, unposed, and candid moments of wedding days but I know just how to make mom happy with those traditional family shots too. I stay in the background during intimate moments, but I'm not afraid to hop into that rowdy group of friends on the dance floor.

Put it this way: If something is important to you, it's important to me, and I will do whatever it takes to give you the best photos from your wedding day.



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Born and raised in New Jersey, I've made my home here with my husband, Paul, and our cute but prickly (literally and figuratively) hedgehog, Henry. I absolutely lucked out marrying this guy who can simultaneously support my dreams yet keep me grounded at the same time. We also both hate scary movies so  it was kinda meant to be! 

I absolutely love to make people laugh and you'll probably hear a few cuss words every now and then but hey! That's just me! I sing outloud to music wherever I am and my spotify playlists look like they belong to at least 8 different people. Positive is how I live and dog videos are my favorite videos. So. Many. Dog. Videos. I actually don't know what I like better--- fish tacos or dog videos....wait definitely dog videos. But tacos are like a super close 2nd!