Layne + Chris // Liberty State Park, NJ

Not only was this engagement session special to photograph, but it was almost even more special to plan because it was a surprise! A few weeks before Layne and Chris's engagement shoot at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, I was contacted by Layne's sister, Margo, about setting the whole thing up. She told me about how close she and her sister were and how it would mean so much to be able to give Layne and her fiance this great experience. Margo had the whole thing planned, from putting her sister and Chris up in a hotel the night before, to getting to their room super early the next morning to do her Layne's makeup, right down to even hand making all of the signs and props for them to use during the shoot.

It was so heartwarming and exciting to see how happy Layne and Chris were throughout our shoot because of all of the effort that Margo put into making the morning perfect for them. I feel so lucky that I was asked to be there to help plan and capture this unexpectedly wonderful morning for this beautiful couple. I hope it was everything they hoped for!