Kayte + Kevin's Mohonk Mountain Hiking Engagement Session

Kevin and Kayte have been close friends of mine and my husband for years and when they asked me to take their engagement photos, I was already on board! Then when they said they wanted to go hiking for their session, I was EXTRA on board! These two love the outdoors and this specific trail at Mohonk Mountain is one of their favorites so it was  fitting that we head up to the woods and do their photos there.

What I really wanted to capture for Kayte and Kevin, besides the beautiful landscape, was their personalities both on their own and together. I don't think I've ever been around these two without seeing their big smiles and hearing them laugh. Kayte has this great, boisterous laugh and genuinely positive attitude 24/7 and Kevin is the type of guy who will welcome anyone as a friend no matter who you are. He's also a sweetly romantic guy who absolutely adores Kayte and everything she does. They support and help each other, which was evident as they both held out hands for one another during the hike and made sure that everyone's footing was ok before moving forward.

It was so much fun being able to spend the day together with them doing something that they love to do. Because it was an overcast morning, we were some of the only people on the trail which let us stop and take photos without bothering anyone behind us or with having anyone in the background. The hike took us over jagged rocks, up wooden ladders, and through crevices so small that I would have to hand off my camera backpack to someone else to make it through! Eventually we reached the summit to witness an incredible view and made it there just before the rain started! I would carry my equipment on a hike for any of my couples but it was especially rewarding being able to do it for such great friends!

Love you guys! xoxo