Jeff + Melissa // Booth Park- Nutley, NJ

I met up with Jeff and Melissa at Booth Park in Nutley, NJ for their engagement session bright and early on a brisk fall morning. This park is like a hidden gem in my small town with beautiful willow trees and stone staircases that were being lit with the most magnificent morning sunlight. They brought their dog, Clyde, along (which I was so all about!) and he would have been the star of the show if it wasn't for how sweet Jeff and Melissa were to one another throughout our time together.

Even though they have somewhat opposite personalities, Jeff being a bit more boisterous compared to Melissa's quieter reservation, they meshed together beautifully, playing easily off one another. It was beautiful to watch the two of them, probably unknowingly, compromise with their personalities to make the other one feel more comfortable and to stand out in the photos (Clyde helped a lot with that too!) It was easy to see why they are together as they each brought out smiles and laughter from one another as we walked throughout the park. I know their wedding next October will be just as beautiful as our time together during their engagement session was!