Maura+Kyle // Brooklyn, NY

The first photo that I took of Maura and Kyle was of the two of them with huge smiles on their faces, laughing together at a small joke and looking at each other as if there wasn't anyone else walking around the Brooklyn Bridge that morning.

Maura, Kyle, and I met in Brooklyn Bridge park on a cloudy, 50% chance of rain kind of morning and walked along the East River over looking Manhattan as we chatted about how they met. They are the quintessential "East Coast West Coast" love story; A California boy goes to college on the East Coast where he finds the Brooklyn girl of his dreams and they start a life together in the borough that she always loved growing up in. 

They wanted a laid back approach to their engagement and wedding photography which they felt was reflective of their characters as individuals and a couple. So we took our time walking around DUMBO, going through St. Ann's Warehouse, past the Carousel, and up onto the bridge. All the while, Maura and Kyle laughed and smiled, held hands and kissed without any persuasion on my part. They felt effortless; like being in love with one another came easily to them.

Their November wedding is taking place at the Prospect Park Boathouse and even though they still had some more planning to finish up, I know it will come together as effortlessly as their relationship did and it will beautiful reflect exactly who they are.