Canadian #BrideTribe Takes On NYC!

This was the first time I was ever asked to photograph a bachelorette party and it was so. much. fun! Being around this vibrant group of girlfriends who were all so selflessly giving up their time to travel from Canada to NYC for their best friend was so uplifting and their happy vibes were infectious! I think I smiled for the entire 2 hours we spent together, and probably even the entire way back to Jersey!

How it went down: I was approached by one of the bridesmaids in the group asking me if I would be available to help out with a surprise photo shoot for Joelle, the bride-to-be, in Central Park during her bachelorette weekend. Joelle loves taking photos and her girlfriends all knew that since they came all the way from Canada for this bachelorette party, incorporating a professional photo session would be the absolute cherry on top of an amazing trip! The plan was to tell Joelle that the group was going to a fancy dinner but that they wanted to stop in Central Park on the way. That's where I would be waiting for them and when I would tell Joelle that she actually was about to have a 2 hour photo session anywhere in the park, all set up by her amazing group of friends.

We met at Bethesda Fountain and Terrace in the middle of the park and spent the next few hours walking around the Terrace and the Mall, drinking Babe Rose, and just having a carefree, happy afternoon. Check out the pics below to see our fun adventure and to get some inspiration for your own bachelorette party or even just a fun girls night out!