Evan+ Meghan // Eagle Rock, NJ

Evan and Meghan have been dating since high school but their relationship still seems like puppy love, in the best of ways! While she is finishing up grad school in Nevada and he is currently serving in the Air-force based in Texas, these high school sweethearts haven't let the distance get to them. They love being silly together and making one another laugh, but most importantly, they're huge support systems for each other as they both tackle challenges in their personal lives and careers.

I met with Meghan and Evan at the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange where their relationship began so many years ago (they even have matching bracelets with the coordinates of Eagle Rock that they both wear every day!). We decided to do half of the shoot with Evan in his dress blues to honor his service and the other half with the two in more casual outfits that kept true to their laid-back personalities.

As we hung out, Meghan and Evan told me about their plans to get married after Evan comes home from his 9-month deployment. As someone who has a sibling in the armed forces who will also be deployed soon, I know how difficult this time can be for Meghan, but her resolve, understanding, and support for Evan was and is so admirable. It really made me smile as I edited these images knowing that both of them will have these engagement photos to look back on during their time apart. I know that their wedding at Liberty House in Jersey City will be one hell of a celebration of their commitment and love for one another and I can't wait to be there to capture it all!