Carmelo+ Meg // Central Park- Manhattan, NY

I met up with Meg and Carmelo the day after a snow storm hit the east coast and left Central Park with a beautiful covering of pristine white snow all over. The snow didn't deter us one bit from heading out to take photos and instead helped to enhance the backdrop of their photos into a winter wonderland! 

Meg and Carmelo chatted happily about their upcoming wedding this October and told me all about their plans for making it the perfect day. They both seemed every bit as invested in the details as the other and are incredibly eager to start their lives together as a married couple.

We hit up so many of the well known areas of Central Park to take photos and throughout our time together, Carmelo and Meg were visibly happy and in love! Holding hands, kissing, and smiling lovingly at one another, they truly looked like they are meant for one another! Congratulations again you two!!