Kelsey + Bill // Kingsland Park- Nutley, NJ

I met up with Kelsey and Bill at the Kingsland Manor in Nutley on one of the warmer days in March to photograph their engagement session while the sun was beginning to set. It was great to photograph them alone together because while I know them as friends, I've only ever hung out with them in larger groups. Photographing my friends' relationships is something so personal which makes it humbling knowing that they trust me to capture who they are as individuals and as a couple.

Kelsey and Bill kept it real right from the beginning. They didn't shy away from laughing at each other or themselves as they interpreted the suggestions I gave for where to place their hands or how to sit so that they sun wasn't in their eyes. They didn't try to be too serious or overly dramatic and posed. They stayed 100% true to themselves and it made my job of capturing who they are almost effortless.

While I won't be photographing their wedding, I will be fully present and in attendance to see these two tie the knot this coming September!!