Updike Farmstead // Amanda + Pete

My session with Amanda and Pete was more of a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" then my usual engagement sessions are haha. This awesome couple so graciously got up early AF on a Saturday morning for a girl they never met before (me) to help out with my branding video that our mutual friend, Matt, is making for my website. None of us really knew what to expect of each other but I knew they were friends with Matt who's a cool guy so they at least have to be nice people! UNDERSTATEMENT.

Amanda and Pete were so casual, up for anything I suggested, and just really nice to talk with throughout our morning session. They even were the ones to pick the location at Updike Farmstead in Princeton, a historical home that now offers weddings on site  (Get at me if you want to have a wedding there because it's beautiful!). The best part though was after the shoot when I was able to deliver these (and more) photos from our time together and give back to them for being so helpful to me!