Lauren + Matt // Terhune Orchards + Princeton University

So basically Lauren and Matt's relationship may need to be made into a movie and I'm calling dibs on copyrights! Ok maybe a 3 way split with them? Nah? Well, I guess that's understandable....

Lauren and Matt met as most millenials do-- online! With some urging from her friends, Lauren took to Bumble and lo and behold, there's Matt basically waiting for her to find him. The two hit it off almost immediately and eventually started living together and doing the whole "it's time to meet my family" stuff. While visiting Lauren's father in California, Matt and his future father-in-law found themselves alone. The relationship was still "new" to some, but Matt knew Lauren was the one and so on that trip, he asked Lauren's father for his blessing to marry her. Matt kept the blessing a secret, even after Lauren's father's unfortunate passing a few months later. It wasn't until he was ready to propose during their annual anniversary trip to Princeton, that Matt told Lauren about asking her father for her hand in marriage and how he knew from the start that he wanted to spend forever with her. (Cue the waterworks).

Because Princeton means so much to Lauren and Matt, we met up there for their engagement photos at Terhune Orchards and the campus of Princeton University. There was so much laughter between these two that even a little rain shower couldn't dampen! (It literally started raining 5 seconds after we started shooting!) I can't wait to be a part of their wedding next June at the Wilshire Grand Hotel!