Jen + Kevin // Brookdale Park Rose Garden

The best part of Jen and Kevin's engagement session was when they noticed that I was wearing Harry Potter Deathly Hallow earrings and then we got to talk about our mutual love for all things HP!! I've found my people!!

Besides talking about Harry Potter, Jen, Kevin, and I spent our time in the Brookdale Park Rose Garden (where they had their first date) talking about their relationship. When I asked each of them what was one thing about their fiance that they really fell in love with, they both would end up with sweet smiles on their faces as they glanced at each other while giving their answers. The answers also would usually result in a lot of laughter which obviously provided the best moments for me to capture! Jen even said it was like a good therapy session, to which I replied that I'd tack the session fee onto their final payment lol (JKJK-- the therapy comes free).

Jen and Kev are getting married at St Thomas the Apostle church where they met and having their reception at  Windows on the Water at Frogbridge (in a tent!!!!!!!!!!) and I can't to be a part of this sweet couple's beautiful day!!