Jemma + Elvyn // Jersey City Courthouse- Jersey City, NJ

March 1st-- finally.

I thought I could make it through this brutal winter without getting sick, but no such luck. This past week has consisted of sniffles, a sore throat, and lots of nights watching Bravo TV and a bunch of romantic comedies.

The one movie that I watched that ended up prompting this blog post was the Sex and The City movie. Here's the Sparknotes version of the plot: Carrie and Big are finally taking the plunge and they have this huge elaborate wedding planned that was supposed to be the biggest and best wedding that money could buy. Spoiler alert-- they end up not getting married. Well, not yet anyways. Commitment issues and nerves were part of the reason the wedding didn't happen, but in the end Carrie and Big realize that they were completely happy before they turned the wedding into this huge, all-consuming affair. All that mattered to them was being together. And so Big and Carrie end up having an intimate courthouse ceremony that was perfect for them and they lived happily ever after (until Sex and The City 2, that is.) 

I love this ending. It's probably one of my favorite wedding scenes in a movie. While having a huge, lavish wedding is fun and exciting, a small courthouse wedding with only a few close friends and family members as witnesses is just as beautiful. 

Last spring I was lucky enough to be part of Jemma and Elvyn's courthouse wedding in Jersey City, NJ and it will always be one of my favorite weddings.

OCP_J+E Wedding_2014

It was mid-April when their wedding took place. Jemma had contacted me a few months prior to the wedding and explained that the wedding was going to be at the Jersey City courthouse and then we would continue down to Pier C in Hoboken to take some photos with the New York City skyline in the background. J and E had both been in committed relationship before and so this time around they wanted to focus solely on each other. They had 3 witnesses come for the ceremony and were married in a small, private office by a courtroom judge. It was simple and beautiful and Jemma and Elvyn looked so incredibly happy.

After hugs and kisses, the newlyweds exited the courthouse looking ecstatic, she in her beautiful long white wedding dress with a matching cardigan and he in his tuxedo with a blue bowtie that matched her bouquet. We then made our way down to Pier C and despite the cold and very strong winds, J+E happily posed in front of one of the best skyline views the east coast has to offer.

All in all, the wedding and the portraits took just under 2 hours, which may seem very short to a lot of people, but it was the perfect amount of time to celebrate exactly what they wanted to celebrate; their love.