Anahi + David // Central Park, NYC

Can you think of a more classic and iconic New York City place to have a wedding then in Central Park?! 

Anahi and David knew from the start that they wanted to have a small, intimate New York City wedding before their big one in Mexico next year, but they still wanted it to be special. After months of visiting hotels, restaurants, rooftops, etc, they found the perfect location- Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. Overlooking the Lake, the private gazebo is as visually stunning and classic as the bride and groom looked on their wedding day.

We met at Bethesda Fountain and Terrace prior to the ceremony for the first look. Anahi stunned in a chic ivory gown with a simple but gorgeous hair style that cascaded down her back to the beautiful buttons that ran down the length of the gown. David's Calvin Klein suit matched with an Alfari bowtie gave him a timeless look that matched the classic architecture of the Terrace where he waited for Anahi to arrive.

"I was nervous, happy, and excited all at once, I wanted to see my groom so badly. I know David does not like to show his emotions, so I knew that his reaction would not be like those grooms’ videos on YouTube, but as soon as he turned and saw me wearing white, he smiled, and that... made my day."- Anahi

After that, we made our way to Ladies Pavilion, stopping along the way to take photos in front of some of the most noteworthy locations in the park. As we approached the gazebo, David and Anahi's families were all eagerly awaiting their arrival. 

"I really have no idea how short or long the ceremony was, I was just looking at David’s eyes and for a moment I swear it felt like we were the only two people in there. David and I did not talk about the vows’ style we were writing, and I am glad! Our vows showed exactly our personalities, and in our own style we promised to love each other for the rest of our lives." - Anahi

Short, sweet, and timeless, Anahi and David's Central Park elopement was perfection from start to finish and will be remembered by all for years to come.